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have you guys seen pendleton ward’s sailor moon doodle/animation on twitter





Currently taking the Can we guess who you are in 20 questions? thing, because a couple friends took it. So does this ball pit look like fun? I can’t look at ball pits the same way again after seeing the kerfluffle of DashCon 2014.

Edit: My quiz results were mostly wrong.

Here is our best guess at who you are:
1. You are male.
2. You are still a teenager, but won’t be one for very much longer.
3. You’re in college and are already worried about finding the perfect job that will be both fulfilling and will pay well. Your future worries you more than you’d like to admit.
4. You have beautiful, silky brown hair and big eyes.
5. You know that if you’d only believe in yourself more, things would be much easier for you. Yet you still doubt your instincts more than you should, instead of trusting them every time.

My inner self is a old successful bald guy with a loving family.

1. You are male.
2. You are currently in your mid fifties, still working hard and enjoying every minute of it.
3. You are starting to go bald, but you don’t care about it as much as you thought you would when you were younger. You still have your good looks, your gray eyes and your sense of humor. 
4. You have a beautiful loving family, great life-long friends, even the doctor is happy with your annual check up! 
5. Things are generally good, and you just wish they’ll stay that way for much, much longer.


The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular


This is how Garnet and Amethyst fuse to become Sugilite.

(A lot of things went through my head at that time, at the same time x3)


Anonymous asked:

I was just wondering if you have any idea how popular Hinata and Kageyama are as a ship in Japan. Thank you!!!!


Quite popular! I only have information collected from winter comiket catalog so it could change now, tho a quick look around pixiv, I think it’s still the same. Anyway the popular pairing ranking for HQ for 2013:

winter comiket (data) : out of 304 Haikyuu!! circles, 275 were for pairings.

top 10 ranking:

1. Kageyama x Hinata - 42 (11%)
2. Kuro x Kenma - 31 (7.9%)
3. Iwaizumi x Oikawa - 28 (7.1%)
4. Oikawa x Kageyama - 25 (6.3%)
5. Oikawa x Iwaizumi - 22 (5.6%)
6. Asahi x Noya - 20 (5.1%)
7. Kageyama x Suga - 19 (4.8%)
7. Daichi x Suga - 19 (4.8%)
8. Hinata x Kageyama - 11 (2.8%)
9. Tsukki x Yamaguchi - 9 (2.3%)

This entire series is just made of cute boyfriends, isn’t it??

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